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Julia Zdanukiewicz is a Doctor of the Science of Law, an attorney-at-law and an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. She teaches future lawyers at the University of Warsaw during her classes on topics of public finance and local government finance. In her academic work, she specializes in issues related to the budget of local government units, especially in the field of the participatory budget functioning. She has many years of experience in representing her clients before civil and administrative courts in matters related to citizenship and inheritance.

In the field of intellectual property law, Julia deals with unfair competition cases, particularly disputes concerning infringement of business secrets and unfair advertising. She also specializes in handling cases involving the protection of personal rights. She advises entities in various industries, including companies operating in the IT sector.

Julia specializes in conducting proceedings before civil and administrative courts, including cases in the field of inheritance law, with particular emphasis on disputes concerning the inheritance of rights in intangible assets. She specializes, among other things, in inheritance cases where the testator’s estate comprises copyrights and other intellectual property rights. She advises on succession related issues.

Acting in her pro bono capacity, she is an advisor to UNICEF Poland on issues of wills and inheritances.


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